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Two Reviewer Apps for iOS


I started using Mag+ since version 3.2 or 3.5. After first revolutionary change in verticals rendering in Reviewer v4 and next in v4.1 older verticals started to look differently when reviewed in new version of Reviewer app. You upgrade your Reviewer app in AppStore and say that there's no way to downgrade it. I understand it, but what's the problem to have two applications in AppStore? Why cant you just let Reviewer v4 stay in AppStore and add the new one? It's necessary because after release of new version there's always some bugs, so why to make work troublesome for those who accidentaly pressed "update all"?

Tomasz Nazaruk

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Hi Thomas - 

I hear you and I would love to do that if I could. However, Apple won't let any developer have two versions of the same app in the app store at the same time. So we would have to release a completely separate app every time we did an update, which would be super confusing for our users (two different apps can't have the same name even). We do regression testing on all new releases to try to make sure we're not breaking older MIBs with the new changes—if you're seeing something that's not working, please let us know and we will take a look at it right away. We try to get patches out as soon as bugs are found and fixed, and we have a list of known bugs on the support home page under Releases. Also, you can always use the Simulator to roll back to a previous version as well - the link to that is in the same article in Releases.

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