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Possible to Hide a vertical?

I have a need to have a disclaimer before my articles and I must force the reader to see the disclaimer screen before being able to read the article. Is there a way to hide verticals so that they don't show up in the menu? (I am referring to the menu when you single tap and there is a pop-up slider where you can quickly scrub to the article you want).

Is there a better way to do this?



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Hi Jacob,

I moved this article to our feature request as this function is not available yet but we have been discussing the possibility of implementing it in the future.

Another solution would be to put in the disclaimer as a video and have it auto play when the reader "enters" the vertical.



Anders Odevik 0 votes

Hi Jacob - 

Just to expand on Anders answer, we will have the ability to hide the scrubber (the little thumbnail navigator) altogether in the next release (coming in about a week), so tapping just brings up the menu but not that. 

Another option would be to use a modal popup over the top of the page, and to check the box that says Initially Visible in the popup plug-in window. That means the popup (your disclaimer) will cover the article first, and the user will have to actively tap it to close it and get to the article.

Alternatively, you can change out the preview images that populate the scrubber. They are automatically generated when you export a vertical, but if you go into your issue folder, then into the Verticals folder, into the vertical you want and into Assets, you'll see the thumbnail images. You could just replace those with a same-size image of your creation.

Mike 0 votes

Thanks for the responses!

Mike, when I select modal type for pop-up the "Initially Visable" checkbox gets grayed out. Am I missing something? I think that route would suffice.

jacob.abart 0 votes