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Add keyboard function to MagPlus apps

At the moment we are building a magazine which is based on interacting, discussing with the readers. And for us it would be amazing if for example people could fill in comments in a HTML based page, or tap checkboxes and send their answers.

The software should allow it, as Live supports the possibility of using the keyboard in the app itself, but we cannot get it to work in a magazine itself. 

Is there any possible way to do this? Or will this be made possible in the future?

The way of setting Magplus/iPad magazines apart from print is by interaction. But its still one sided interaction. It would be amazing if both parties could interact.


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Hi - 

Cool idea, and it should work just fine in the magazine itself. If you have an HTML-based element that allows for that interactivity, you should be able to just embed it as with any other HTML element. You can have surveys, questionnaires, etc and have them all live and interactive. Here's the tutorial for adding HTML to a page in the issue:

If you've tried that and it's not working, please send on the HTML you're trying to embed and we can take a look.

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Thats great news, then we made a mistake ourselves in the programming or layer orders.

Thanks for the quick answer!

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