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automate hyperlinking

We have over 300 links boxes to create per issue. It is an tedious and tiring process. Any way we can automate this? Perhaps with a script? 

Nancy Jonathans

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Hey Nancy -

We're actually investigating that right now! The trick is that hot spot boxes can be any size you want, and when they are created, they are set to the size of the reference object, so if you have multiple ones in the same text box, we need to build a UI into the script that lets you determine size. We also need to figure out how loose to be with the "find" option to create these - is it all ".com"s? all "www"s? The basic function is scriptable - the trick is figuring out how to make it usable for folks. But we're on it and will release a beta for you to play with as soon as we have something.

Mike 0 votes

Mike - just curios if you've made any progress on this front. We're in a similar position where we have hundreds of links within our body copy that needs to be linked.

Dave Schleigh 0 votes