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Creating Spreads

I am currently testing mag+ as an alternative to DPS, and have a question in relation to spreads. As this is our publications first step onto the iPad, we have a lot of existing print ads that we wish to retain, and a lot of these are spreads. I've worked out how to unify two verticals to create a spread, however it seems that you are required to use the entire landscape area also, even if you are working on a portrait only publication. This is fine if you are creating the spreads from scratch, but tricky if you are working with existing spread advertisements. I know I can place a filler panel to either side of the ad, however I would prefer to seamlessly swipe between verticals without having to see that filler panel. I can do this in DPS when working on a portrait publication, but am hoping to find a solution to achieve this same effect within mag+. 

Lee Turner

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Hi Lee,

At the moment this is not possible but it we will look into how to integrate this in future updates. I will move this post to "Feature requests" just to make sure it's archived correctly.



Anders Odevik 0 votes

Thanks Anders, I think it would be handy on projects where an existing portrait print layout needs to be brought over with minimal adjustment to layout.

Lee Turner 0 votes

Hi Anders,

This would be a useful feature for our publication as well, for the same set of reasons.

Many thanks,


brian.morgan 0 votes