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multiple scrolling layers

it would make your product more dynamic from a design standpoint if you had at least two scrolling layers (like A layers) on top of the B layer.  i am having issues with overlapping transparent images.  even though a group of objects is on top it still shows underneath images it is supposed to be overlapping.  if there were multiple layers that scrolled in sync, it would get rid of that problem.  


if there is something i am doing wrong in how i am approaching this please let me know.



John Johnson

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Hi John - 

Right now, there is only one A layer, but all content on it will move in sync and you could put, for instance, outlined objects on one part of it and text on another. To get images with some transparency, use PNGs instead of JPGs. You can also put scrolling objects inside of a box on the A layer to get a scrolling layer inside of a scrolling layer using this tip:

Let us know if that solves it. We'll also look at multiple layers down the road!

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