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Less HTML, more InDesign

I know plenty of us here are familiar with HTML, but not many of us are. I'm not suggesting you guys provide less HTML functionality. I'm suggesting you guys provide more InDeisgn friendly HTML.


For example, scrollable text. I think it would be less time consuming and much eaisier if there was an object type called "scrollable box" or "scrollable text" where it can be placed into the indeisgn as normal text, and then you just minimize the box (where the + logo ends up at the end of the box). With the object type, it could set that box at a permanent object and the text or whatever is inside as scrollable.


That is just one idea. You guys could also look into creating HTML5 feature objects. For example, when placing an inline video. Having an option to provide "buttons" or "controls". For example, full screen, play, pause, a timer/scrubber etc. So users don't have to go into HTML5 to create this. I have tried through HTML 5, but the video won't display on the iPad. It just shows a screen shot and then a play button logo with a strike through. This means I have to go into learning HTML5 video coding for iPads. I have figured it out now, but I think it would be a lot easier for new users and current users to be supplied with tools such as this.


These are just ideas. Nothing that can't already be done in Mag+. It's just a couple of ideas to make things easier in Mag+ and save time. If users want more customizable stuff, they can always go through the coding aspect of it.


I quite like the idea of having tools that can generate this and also having the ability to do custom work in code as I'm sure many other users would love.


Another example could be like the horizontal swipe boxes on the National Geographic magazine. It has an image of a small arrow on the side. When swiped or tapped, it slides out a box with text or an image or whatever content the designer wants. Then can be scrolled back to the side. This can be done already with HTML5, but it a process for beginners in the language.


Keep up the great work guys, and thanks for considering these suggestions. :)

Ahmad Al-Karmi

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