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allow control image and playlist together

Currently, you can either control an audio file with a control image OR the playlist. Not both.

If you add a control image to an audio file on the playlist, the control image is ignored.

It would be really nice to use both, especially for long audio files that you want to play across multiple verticals. This way, the user does not have to navigate all the way back to the control image to pause the file, but just raise the menu and pause it or play it again.

Jessica Weiser

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Hi Jimmy,

Thank you for your feedback, I will forward this to our developers to see what is possible to do for future updates.

Best regards,


Anders Odevik 0 votes

Hi - 

Sorry for the delayed response. This is not fixed in the current release, but it is a noted bug in the backlog and we are working on it. The trick is that once you're past that vertical with the control image on it, the vertical is no longer in memory so the app can't change that control image if you make the change (ie, pause) via the playlist. So if you go back to that vertical, it might still look like it's playing because you've paused it elsewhere. That's what we're looking for a good solution to.

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Mike 0 votes