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Help Updating a Issue

On our last issue we found a minor typo. I wanted to know how to go through the process of uploading new mib and then republishing. I went through the whole process and was able to upload a new MIB for everything but the iPad Retina. I kept getting the guid was already used error. Trust me I know what this error means and I changed the number about a billion times(to one higher, or even 10 more then the original guid number) it still did not work. Our boss finally told me to forget it but i need to find out what the problem is. We do not want to find ourselves publishing and then catching a major error and not being able to republish. I also looked into this post and still running into errors. 


Please help!

Thank you, 


Heels Down Magazine

Lexi Campbell

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Hello Lexi,

Sorry for the delay, I cannot seem to narrow down what brand you have setup with us.  If you can let me know what you brand name is I can take a look at why your MIB files may not be updating.


Mike Rettew 

Mag+ Support Team

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