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iPad Retina and iPad Export

Hey mag+ Team, we have finished our 1st Magazine for iPad retina. We startet with the iPad retina inDesign template. If we choose In the toolbar Mag+ Vertical iPad Retina and export it, it works. But if we choose under Additional Devices Apple iPad we get Error-Codes like "Multi-Export will continue, but check your document for non-scaled objects." If we check the inDesigns (Apple iPad) and the images in the verticals folders we see that the layouts are crashed. How we can fix it? The title of the App is magazine, and the publisher is gmbh.

Dirk Habenschaden

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Hello Dirk,

Are you on the latest version of our Plugin?  Also, take a look at our Tips article on using the Multi-Device Export tool and see if any of these items appy to the problem you might be having:


Mike Rettew 

Mag+ Support Team

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Hi Guys--

The same issue and message here.

Looks like a Mag+ export bug. 

Step to reproduce:

  1. Create a rectangle and fill with gradient. 

  2. Rotate that rectangle by 90.

  3. Try multiexport (iPad & Android Tables in my case, but it doesn't matter)

  4. The next exception occurred:

MultiExport will continue, but check your document for non-scaled objects.


If DO NOT rotate the rectangle 90 degree -- there are no any issues and error message displayed.

Hope it helps.


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