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Is there a "next" button that will allow me to click through different sections of text?

I’ve attached a screen shot of the design of one of my verticals. Would it be possible to navigate through different sections of text using the next and previous buttons (blue arrows in the white circles)? I know that I can do a pop up group and have a button for each section that you have to click on to get to it, but I want to just be able to click through it. Is there a way to do this maybe by using a multi state object?

Christine Yocum

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Hello Christine,

We currently do not have a way to control multi-state objects by tapping for navigation so your best option for something as you describe would be to create separate popups for each "state".

While this feature is not currently planned, we always welcome and encourage you to share your ideas with us so we can ensure our product fits your needs. I'd encourage you to add this as a request to our "Feature Request" forum, where other users can add their vote. You can do that here:

This forum is monitored regularly and every request is taken into consideration for future releases.


Mike Rettew 

Mag+ Support Team

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