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empty mag+ panel

Hi there, we are considering using Mag+ as our digital magazine solution and have encountered several perplexing issues. We run Mac Mountain Lion and just redownloaded Mag+ for the second time this morning. Four hours later and we are still unable to see the populated dialogue boxes within the Mag+ tool inside ID6. It shows us your tool and the tabs but all tab pages are empty. We have an open iPad Retina indt template and have also downloaded and opened your tut files in idml and still "no joy". Very frustrated and hope this is not a harbinger of future issues.'

I'm attaching three screen captures for your illumination. This is a repetitive issue not intermittent. What simple thing am I missing?

Hope someone can help shed light on my cluelessness since I need to begin builds this week should we decide to use Mag+.

Hussain Kuwalawala

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Hello Hussain,

Thank you for reach out to us.  We see this issue typically when users either have a proxy setup on their network blocking certain ports or are running any sort of network monitoring programs such as LittleSnitch.

Also, go to your Firewall settings and make sure you have access enabled to InDesign and Flash Player, if they are not found add them to the exception list.

Please look into this and let me know if you are still unable to see the Plugin panels after restarting InDesign.


Mike Rettew 

Mag+ Support Team

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Hi there, i got the same issue of Blank Panel.
this is what i tried so far:

  1. Delete all blocking script / software (Little snitch,TCP block, Firewall, etc)

  2. Try to reset Indesign Preference.

  3. Delete all font in user library.

  4. Restart & repair permission, even clean up my PRAM.

all have same result, BLANK.

i tried on 2 mac computers:
Mac OSX 10.10.1 & 10.9.4

Both running Adobe Indesign CS6

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