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iPhone 5 simulation reviews - layers missing, document is grey


when reviewing a test page made with the latest iphone 5 template the iOS simulator (i tried it with all iphone 4 inch versions available) shows a grey screen. It seems like I have the same problem as mentioned here, but the solution is missing:

My document has:

b-layer, 1 image

a-layer, image group with transparent placeholder within the group to space it from the bottom


First it only showed the a-layer in the bottom, ignoring the transparent grouped box, so my element was sticking at the bottom page

Then I deleted the a-layer content and still it was visible when reviewing. I thought it could be a cache thing so I resetted the iOS Simulator, re-installed the reviewer and restarted InDesign. The result was I only got a grey area where the b-layer should be.

So I created a blank document, from the mint iphone 5 template with only a text box on the a-layer: but it only shows in the issue preview. Putting it on the b-layer, same result.

I tried it with an iPhone 4 template, there it works but I would rather like the Version 5 so there are no black bars on older iphones.

Question 1: 

is it the right simulation i am using? My installation is only a few days old. What can I do to make the iPhone Version 5 templates work correctly? I can send you my files but I did what I wrote before, so nothing special. The test file with only a textbox didn't work either.

Question 2:

If ever I get the iPhone 5 version to work, can I use it that way: i.e. pin objects to bottom so they are on bottom in iPhone 4 and 5 with one layout that is fluid? 

Thank you for your help!



Hannah Libea Leat

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Hi Hannah,

While I could try to recreate this from my end from what you describe it would be helpful to look at the exact files you are working with so I can try to recreate it with your exact settings and template being used.  Could you send over your troublesome file(s) in .idml format and I'll take a look.


Mike Rettew 

Mag+ Support Team

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