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Unable to review with remote review server

Hi, I am trying to view mib files from a remote review server, dropbox, in the latest Magplus Reviewer Version 5.0 but I encountered some problems. I have tried viewing the same mib file from the same server but with the older version of the Magplus Reviewer and didn't encountered any problems. After the update, instead of retrieving the issue, I got the problem as attached. Need some assistance. Thanks! 

Here is the dropbox link.


Syahirah Nurdiyana

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Hello Syahirah,

Per our development team, the Remote Review Server field was designed for inputting a server link with properly configured payload information. Inputting a direct download link to a MIB file from a public url (including cloud based servers like *Box*, *Dropbox*, etc.) will no longer work in this field as this was not it's intended behavior and was never officially supported. The payload server configuration information can be found at the end of the article below but you may also find another, more suitable reviewing option within the article:

What we suggest for reviewing your MIB files with a direct download link is to email it and open the link on your device's email client. **For iOS**, once you tap the .MIB link, wait for it to process in the Safari browser (this can take some time depending on the MIB file size) and it will eventually prompt you to "Open in... Reviewer". **For Android**, this is done the same way with a direct download link sent via email. Once you tap the link a popup window will appear and prompt to open in the Mag+ Reviewer.


Mike Rettew 

Mag+ Support Team

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