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Mag+ Reviewer for Android: almost impossible to work with

Hello again

After creating an app for iPad, we're now trying to redesign it for Android. We use the 1280x800 Android tablet template. Our test device is a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab 2. We can only fast review a page for a couple of times, and that is if we're lucky. After the first couple of times, the following problems happen:

  • Although content is transferred properly to the device, it doesn't refresh.
  • The reviewer either crashes or freezes.
  • Sometimes half the content appears.

There's not a certain order in which the problems occur, they just happen whenever the reviewer app feels like it. We're not talking about heavy stuff here, just A+B layers, some text and photos. Worse than a plain pdf experience. It feels like a super buggy app, wasting us a lot of precious energy & production time. Very disappointing. Every step feels like playing russian roulette. I know that eventually we're going to make it work, however we're going to have a very hard time trying. If you guys think there's anything that can be done to make our lives easier, we would really appreciate it.



Sprint Advertising SA

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Hi Alex,

Sorry to hear you are having problems.

The next time the app crashes the app should ask you if you want to send a crash report, please do this and our developers will be very thankful as it will help solve if there a bug in there.

Usually emptying the cache of the app solves the problem if it freezes. Please let us know if you have a file that is causing the app to freeze every time and we might be able to have a look at it to see what is causing the problem.



Anders Odevik 0 votes
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Hi Anders,

Appreciate your offer to help. I'll let you know if we reach a dead end. I'd like to share our experience so far: it's true that emptying the cache -and even the data- seems to help. Also, WiFi stability is very important and can make the difference. Finally, reviewing verticals from Mag+ Production seems to work better than Fast Review in inDesign.



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