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InDesign "Display Performance" affects export

We are using 4.1.2 plug-in with InDesign CS 5.5 on Windows XP SP3.

I have changed InDesign's "Display Performance" setting to "Fast", because I'm doing some repetitive tasks to many InDesign verticals (for iPad Retina). Our verticals consist of one placed PSD object (10mm height) at bottom of screen, along with one placed PDF object which takes up remaining 187mm of screen area above footer.

The exported verticals contain two files in their "assets" folder: a JPEG of the 187mm object, and a PNG of the footer object. The problem: exported footer object looks identical to the "Fast" Display Performance version (light gray fill, dark gray diagonal lines making an "X") whereas the JPEG looks correct.

Mag+ Plugin should never export "grayed X'ed rectangles" instead of the actual artwork/graphic object(s). Display Performance setting is exactly that - for DISPLAY purposes. Attached image shows the difference between exports done while Display Performance set to "High-Quality" (vertical on left has correct footer) and set to "Fast" (two verticals on right have grayed footer)...

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Make sure that you have selected "Downscale images using Photoshop" in the InDesign plugin found under "Mag+ Settings" and select your version of Photoshop. Then it should downscale the image properly, if that does not solve your problem I'm afraid the only solution would be to change the display performance.



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