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"A" layer snaps to different location in landscape mode depending on iPad's tilt.

I've been experiencing an issue with the snap to "top" option for objects on the A layer. They work perfectly fine when in portrait view, but its behavior in landscape view is completely dependent on how you hold the iPad. Hold the iPad in a more vertical position, and it snaps to the top exactly how it should. But lay the iPad in a more horizontal or flat position, and it always snaps outside of the visible area. It's quite frustrating, because since you can't control how users hold their device, some users will experience the vertical as intended, while others who hold their device in a more flat position will not experience the vertical as intended.

Is this a glitch? Is there a way around this?

I'm using the latest Mag+ tools (4.1.2).

Kevin Nelson Answered

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Hi Kevin,

Snapping is preferably not used on the first page in a vertical as it is hard to control. My recommendation would be to use dual layout in order to have the page presented exactly as you wish in both orientations:



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It's not just the first page though, and I'm even using dual layout on one of my documents. The A layer's "snap to top" option behaves this way at all times in any kind of landscape layout, dual layout or otherwise. In one example, I have a dual layout set up, where I have a "bar" on the left side of the screen that is on the A layer. The rest of the layout is featured on the different pages of the B layer. The bar is supposed to snap to the top of the screen as you scroll it between pages (and the B layer slides shift as the A layer bar transitions between pages). Another example I'm working on, is not a dual layout, and I want the A layer to snap as certain points of the scroll (in this case all of the page content is in a continuous scroll on the A layer). Same problem there. The snap to top option just doesn't work properly in landscape mode in any case. Portrait mode is completely fine, and landscape works the way it should when holding an iPad in a more vertical position, but the moment you tilt an iPad in a more flat or horizontal position, the A layer snap to top always snaps off screen. With such clear conditions for the behavior, it feels like this should be something that can be fixed. Otherwise the snap to top option should be completely removed as an option for landscape view layout, as there are no conditions where it behaves properly.

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