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How do I get a video to play on top of a popup layer?

I am working on one of our how-to layouts that requires a video for the last step. I have set up my page using popup groups. The three thumbnails at the bottom of the page each activate a popup with that how-to step and an alternative thumbnail design, so the actual popup takes up quite a bit of real estate on the page.

I have designed in a "play button" to the third popup and would like a video to load ON TOP of the popup when they tap the play button... which is not really a button, they are in fact just taping on the media object.

I've gotten the video to work, however it is behind the popup layer and you can only see a small sliver of black around the edges where the media file is slightly larger that the popup image. How can I get the video to play ON TOP of the popup? Is there an alternative solution to make this work properly?

I've attached a photo illustrating where my layers/objects are located. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

-Megan Steenson

Megan Steenson

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Hi Megan,

Make sure that the Ref.Object ID for the clickable area and Media are for the movie is set to be the Popups ID. Then it should play on top of the popup. If the reference Object ID is set to an object on the layers beneath the popup layer it will play on that layer.



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