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Hi Magplus.

I am in the process of making a magazine it is supposed to work on:

Android Phone, 

Android Tablet, 

Apple iPad, 

Apple iPad Retina, 

Apple iPhone 4 

and iPhone 5.

I have just updated the Magplus tool 4.1 and see now that there is one extra size for Android Phone 1280x800 and one extra size for Android tablets 2560x1600.

It is an awful lot of different devices, and ever though Magplus have made easier to push the designs out, I still need to tween everything – which takes some extra time.

So I am wondering if there is some smart and timesaving way to produce the design for the Androids. Could I Fx. create the design for the Android 2560x1600 screen only, but still download it and see it on an Android tablet with 1280x800 display? And versa visa.

The two Android Phone formats are almost the same, is the same thing possible here? To create a design for one format and still download and see it on a device with a bigger/smaller resolution, so I don’t have to make two.

I have another question in regards to the production, and that is if is smart to create the initial designs in indesign for the tablet with the biggest resolution. Ipad retina or Android tablet 2560x1600.

Hope you can help thank you

Vicky Juel Andersen Answered

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Hey guys,

At the moment this is how the MIBs work on different devices:

We are planning to implement a feature were the same mib can be used on andorid and scaled up/down depending on what device it is read on.



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