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"Failed to Update Issues" - Kindle "Store" tab Error

I'm testing a build of our app with the Android Emulator, emulating a Kindle Fire HD 7".  I registered the emulator as a device on publish.magplus using the device identifier found under "About" when I run the app in the emulator.

I see our first issue is available to download under Library when I have the emulator registered under publish.magplus; it does not show up when not registered.  In both cases, though, tapping on Store brings up a Loading bar and then a few seconds later an error underneath that says "Failed to update issues"

I've double-checked and I have the Parent SKU and SKU set properly in MagPlus for the subscription and the SKU set properly for the single issue as directed in the Mag+ Support tutorials.  Do you have any suggestions?

Casey Ayers

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Hi Casey,

Using the emulator together with Google Play etc, is not the best way to test this... The Emulator on Android is everything but optimal especially regarding network connections. I'm actually kind of suprised that you got the library connections to work on the emulator.. :) 

Please test it on a real device instead and feel free to contact us if you encounter any more problems on that. 

Best regards,


Anders Odevik 0 votes
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I'm actually have this same issue with our Kindle app. I'm not even sure where to double check. I believe my SKUs are set properly. What should I be checking to ensure the set up is correct so our issues will show up under the Store menu? Currently nothing is showing in the Store. Thanks! 

Nancy Jonathans 0 votes
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