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Major problems with incorrect links

At first we where quite satisfied regarding feature and quality of the mag+ suite. We are about to finish two quite large digital publications for a major company in germany but it seems there are a lot of awkward problems lurking in the reviewer tool. Especially there seems to be no way to get all links working, especially there is a problem with lots of backlings, though we quadruple checked each and every link and its destination. And so we wonder if this is probably a bug in the reviewer app and the final app will turn out to be just fine? Will there be anybody at mag+ be willing to check our .mib file? I see no hotline or direct contact, so I hope someone will probably react to this before we move the whole project to Adope DPS or Aquafadas. 

Martin Lowis

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Hi Martin,

We have not received any bug reports regarding links not working as they should in the iPad reviewer. If you send us the MIB and one of the InDesign documents for a vertical where a link is not working on we can troubleshoot it for you.

Send the assets to, set the subject to "Martin Lowis -", otherwise it will get stuck in our spam.

Best regards,


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