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A-layer scrolling with specific page

Hey guys.

I have a background image on the B layer, with floating text on the A layer. It is a multiple page file and the respective elements on the A layer are individual and relate to the image on the same page. I don't want the text from the next page coming into view when the readers are swiping through and reading. Pinning doesn't work as I don't want the text to stay where I've placed it in Indesign and not at the top or sides.

Also can I make it so the reader can swipe between pages away from the text on the A layer to change to the next page instead of swiping anywhere makes the A layer move.

Scott Copeland

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Hi Scott, I'm no expert but it sounds like you may need to try the transparent box trick at the top of your following page and place the new box of scrolling type into position where you want it to start. That's IF I understand how to set this stuff up. I'm still waiting for a solution to the empty Mag+ tool loading in my ID6. It also sounds like you may need to "link" 2 verticals in to become a spread if you want to utilize horizontal swiping in a story. You find this feature by going to the Verticals menu and labelling your vertical the same, but adding a 1 or a 2 in the small box to the right of the file name. That tells Mag+ it's a spread. Then you can build your first part of the vertical and the second part.


Hope that helps.

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Thanks you guys,

I've tried these steps already but it seems like I'm unable to do what I want.

Ideally, I'd like to have the A and B layers move independently but it seems that the area for files on the A layer cover the whole image area and not just where the specific object is.

I would put the text I want to scroll in an html box, but need it on the A layer so it can be turned on and off when double tapping.

I've attached an image of what I'm trying to achieve with two seperate areas of swiping actions.



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Hi Scott,

The effect you are trying to achieve will be possible to do in the 4.1 update that we will release at the end of this month.



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