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Issue not downloading (Android)


I have a problem, I cannot download an issue on Android.

This is one issue app (used to be called GO!), and I used iPad mib (I dont mind scaling). Exported it from Production Tool as iPad mib and uploaded as iPad mib to Publish. 

In Publish, Basic Info section, I put Distribute on Android Tablet.

I managed to build an Android app, downloaded it and installed on my tablet. It works, showing help issue, and I can navigate to the library and choose my issue to download. But it stops there. There is a notification that it is unable to download it.

What am I doing wrong? What am I missing?

I have my Google Play Public Key and set my tablet as testing device in Publish. 

Please give me some advice.


Jarek Sepek


PS I can send you the .apk file if needed.

Jarek Sepek

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