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Scrolling Text in Box: How can scrollbars be hidden?

We're using your HTML-Trick "Scrolling Text in Box" on the B-layer to scroll a textbox vertically:

How can we hide the vertical scrollbars, which come automatically? Is the  a code or something we can add to our HTML-file? We'd like to achieve an effect similar to a movable A-layer, but the scrollbars  interfere with the backround images (see attached screenshot).

We can't use an A-layer with movable elements because we incorporate many interactive HTML-animations on the B-layer. To access these animations the user would have to hide the A-layer by doubletapping, which is way too complicated and hard to explain to the user. Furthermore the user can't bring the A-layer back, since the HTML-elements on the B-layer disable the mag+ gestures.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Christian Busse

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