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Review fails after adding video


I have an issue where after I add video (a pop-up movie via URL hosted on a personal server) I get the message 'Failed to export vertical for review' adding a weblink streaming from vimeo is fine but I would like pop-up functionality.

inDesign 5.5 exporting as 4.0mib

ps I have had no issue with reviewing before adding the video



G Answered

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Hi G,

I think you are experiencing a bug that is seen in the 4.0.2 version of the reviewer which is fixed in the 4.0.3 version which is hopefully released at the end of next week.



Anders Odevik 0 votes
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I am experiencing the exact same problem, but it isn't anything to do with the reviewer.

With the link in place, it fails to export to Mag Prod tool saying: "Export failed because the issue folder could not be located!"

Remove the link and it exports to Mag Prod just fine.

Deadline day, too!!!

Quick fix is to draw a box over your button.

Click link.

Select media

Enter your address to the remote file in the URL box.

Works OK, but you seem to get a 'Plug-in handled load' title bar at the top.

David Gamble 0 votes
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I am having this same issue. I have video clips hosted on YouTube, and when I try to review or export the vertical, I get the message "Failed to export vertical for review." The vertical reviews/exports fine without any video.

If the video is sourced from file, it does go into full-screen mode instead of being a popup, but that seems consistent with the reviewer bug I've read about elsewhere on the forum.

We would like to stream video instead of including it in the build to keep our file sizes down. Could we be doing something wrong when sourcing the video from URL?

Joyce 0 votes
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Thanks Anders,

I upgraded the reviewer app and the inDesign 5.5 plugin to 4.0.1  and its working fine now

G 0 votes
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