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Video issues

Driving myself crazy here. I know a fair amount about video so you'd think I could figure this out.


I'm trying to create a cover page for a feature article. A nice image with a headline that's animated. This could be done two different ways I think.

  1. Just have the background image with the animated text on top in a video file. Video plays, closes upon completion and the image that takes its place is the same as at the end of the video.

  2. Have an image on a layer and then have the video of the text animation play over top of it.


But I can not get it to work right either way.

I can, of course, create the video with the image and the text. I put that in a box, add movie in the Mag+ tools and the video does just what I want. BUT it's the wrong dimensions. It will not fill the entire screen/page. No matter what size I make it, it will not fill. My calculations have an image filling the iPad screen at 2350X2500 pixels (with some bleed over the edges). A video of that size comes in and sits in the center of the screen with a ton of space around it. I've made it inline video, full screen video, etc. Never fills the page.


So I've moved onto and tried using the static image on a layer with the animated text video over top. That doesn't work either because there is always the black box around the video -- what I'm looking for is the animation to play in a transparent box. It's outputted via AfterEffects with the alpha layer and "should" be transparent. But it's not.


So how the heck are people doing this?

Tony Hansen

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