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Version 3.5 document saving


I have upgraded to ver. 3.5, and have notiuced a small change in the way it works. In the previous version you could export directly to iPad anytime you want, but now you HAVE to save the document before doing so. Also, when editing a document that you have already been working on, you can't simply save it - you have to save it over itself, replacing the original, if you get what I mean.

Why is this? It makes setting up and updating your documents far more complicated, and is quite annoying.


Edward Chamberlin

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Hi Ed,

The reason for this change is because we have had many clients exporting the verticals in the wrong format to the production and then creating a mib file with mixed iPad versions.

Regarding the saving over itself issue. This is the explanation regarding the update: We have implemented a "schema conversion" in the plugin. This is important for the other task we are going to do later on but brings these problems.

When opening a file with the new plugin, indesign needs to update the data in the document. It is done automatically in the schema conversion, but the document is then treated as "not original" - you see the [Converted] thing in the name.

Once you have the file saved as, there should be no conversion necessary and you can continue as before the upgrade to 3.5. The first step will always be painful though. Sorry for your trouble.



Anders Odevik 0 votes
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Regarding Saving and [Converted] files -- Doesn't this mean that any files created in Indesign using a machine with the 3.5 plugin -- whether they are intended for Mag +  or not -- can only be opened on other machines that also have the 3.5 plugin?


We generate lots of content that isn't used in Mag + and not every Mac has Mag + installed. It seems crazy to require every machine that opens a file saved by my Mac to have Mag + installed.


Am I missing something?



Rob Schultz 0 votes
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Have same problem.. all indesign documents that are not Mag+ related showing Converted and that they are not saved on open..

Karlis 0 votes
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