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Pop up issues


I'm having some pop up issues. Ive just watched your video tutorial and read  I cant get a result with either.

Ive tried following both sets of the instructions - if i follow the video ( 2:08) when he says hit the link button, if i do this  I.D totally crashes. Repeatedly.

When i do it the way of the written instructions ( not double tapping the image and not selecting link) I'm able to eventually link the pop up to the image but i come to review,  the image Ive made the hotspot has vanished completely ( and everything else on that layer) but if it click around roughly where the hotspot should be I am  sometimes getting the pop up appear albeit on a blank page.  The image does appear for about 1 second as soon as it loads,  then fades away.

At the bottom of the reviewer where you can see the pages etc, the images are fully visable. 

I'm using B slides for the image and BP for the pop up image. It makes no difference if i select "no a layer" or not. I have selected "a follows b" as default.


Any ideas?


Jsen Wintle

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