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Background image transitions


I've put together a vertical with four background images. Each image is positioned at the start of a new inDesign page. However, the transitions between the images is pretty clunky - I have to scroll almost a full screen before one background image changes to the next (a scrollbar appears and the transition is a bit hit and miss). Verticals in Outside magazine change instantly with a small swipe - please can you tell me how I can get the same effect in my transitions and tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Thank so much for your help,


Chris Vannozzi Answered

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Hello Chris-

I can see that you asked this question long ago and so you've probably already found the solution, however, I thought I would still answer here in case other users come across it when browsing the forums.

It sounds like what Outside had done, and what you were looking to do, was to disable the A-layer in the plugin.  Doing so makes it possible to instantly flip between B-layers with a short upward gesture (*you obviously cannot have any A-layer content in this scenario).  With the A-layer still active, you are essentially swiping through a blank page before the next B-layer can appear.

There are many different ways to present materials when combining the various options in the plugin.  For more examples, I'd recommend looking through the "Presentation Styles" zip found at the link below:

Happy designing!

Amie Barder

Mag+ Support Team

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