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adobe air problem

We have downloaded Mag+ onto one of our Macs and we are getting this message when trying to open the Production Tool. We have subsequently updated Adobe Air in case it was that but still no good.


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Hi Keith,

I moved this to the forum as I believe other might have this problem as well. I hope you don't mind.

If you get the message: "Sorry, an error has occurred. This application cannot be installed because this installer has been misconfigured. Please contact the application author for assistance." it is in most cases because the previous version of the Production Tool hasn't been deleted, please delete the previous version of Production Tool before installing the newer version.

Another problem would be that you don't have the latest version of Adobe Air installed:

Let me know if this didn't help!

Anders Odevik 0 votes

I've updated my Air app to the latest, uninstalled the old Mag+ Production tool 1.19, deleted all Lib files, restarted, etc.. and still get this message. Is there another solution to correctly installing the production tool? Can I work without this production tool at all? Can I work with v.1.19 if I reinstall it or is it totally outdated? Thanks!

Joe Lee 0 votes

Just figured it out! Not only do you have to delete everything, but you must "unmount" any extra drives that have any old files on them as well. It will see them and then cause an install error.

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