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Link problems when grouping

Originally from ticket #3217.

hello, I followed the directions for making links on a vertical but I'm having an issue that can't always be worked around.

On my ID file I select an object and make it a link/hotspot and add the URL.

If the object I've chosen is grouped with anything else then the hotspot will not work.

If I don't group the object with the rest of the layer it DOES work, but it displays as a white box.

It also does not work if I create a blank/clear box to to link my hotspot to.

I've discovered a work around for my ad pages: Make sure the ad/jpg is not grouped with anything. Copy the ad/jpg and place the new jpg on top of the other. crop the top jpeg to the area where the url is displayed. Make the top layer the link/hotspot.

This works. However, when I go to put links into my text/copy I won't be able to use this work around.

What am I doing wrong?


Cori Kesler Answered

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Hi Cori,

I moved this to our forum as I believe there are others that might have this problem.

When you group objects they will loose their object ids which means that the clickable areas associated with the objects will not work because they are referencing to the old object ids that doesn't exist anymore.

To fix this, group the objects before creating the links, you can always change the size of the clickable area afterwards. You can create several links that are referencing to the same object.

Best regards,

Anders Odevik 

Mag+ team

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I'm having this problem and still links dont work when I create them after grouping. Any ideas?



Carolina Otero 0 votes

Hi. I am having a different problem with grouped objects. I have a grouped object with a ref ID which is linked with a clickable area with the same ID. But inside the grouped object, I would like to add a new link to a external web address. i.e. I have a grouped object called "info03" which is linked to the clickable area with the same ID. But inside the grouped object (info03) I would like to make a new link to an external web address. Is there any way to do this, or is it not possible to make new links on objects inside a already grouped object with a existing ID?

Espen Rasmussen 0 votes

I cannot select an object type at all when I have my object inside a group. I can't export to a preview if everything isn't grouped, so how do I make a link?

Charity Musielak 0 votes

@Charity - select the group that your object belongs to and click 'link' on the plug-in. This will create a hotspot (blue clickable area) which you can resize and reposition.

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