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"Portrait/Landscape" device review errors


I was doing some troubleshooting for some of the interactivity on the review app and then suddenly -- without a change of IP address or anything -- I get an error on the test app. On Indesign/Magplus, it appears that the fast review was successful. But on the test device (in my case, iPad), the screen has completely blacked out with an image of two iPads that's in portrait/landscape and arrows between them.... signifying that I need to change the positioning of the iPad so that it is in landscape. 


I've done this. Multiple times. I've restarted the test app. I've restarted the iPad. Nothing seems to change this and I'm no longer able to continue troubleshooting.


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Okay I solved the issue.... Turns out it was because I had clicked the "No A layer" and "No B layer" before doing the fast review.

So now I've solved this issue, but am back to trouble shooting what I had originally wanted to accomplish: I wanted the background to go black or white when the popup came up. The background text of the article and image were very distracting... how can I do that?

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Hi Sara,

Glad to hear you solved the "blacked out" screen on the iPad.

As for the initial problem, can you send us a packaged InDesign file (with all associated links) where you're seeing this so we can take a look at how it's built?

If possible, a direct link from Dropbox (containing the files) will suffice.

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