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Fast review not pushing


I’m having problems to Fast Review from inDesign to any device (iPad + Android).

When Fast Review button is hit, a little window pops with a progress bar. (See image01)

And nothing happens in Designd Reviewer from any device. And no error message in indesign.

I can only review from Production Tool once the file is exported from indesign.



- macOS High Sierra 10.13.1

- InDesign CC 2018 (updated)

- Plugin MagPlus_CC_2018_7.1.0 (reinstalled)

- No error message

- the lates version of Adobe Air and Flash are installed

- The problem is occurring for all indesign documents

- Mag+ template under Applications  is used

- Designd Reviewer versions:

Android Phone: 7.1.0 (reinstalled)

iPad: (reinstalled)

- Computers, devices all connected to the same wifi network


I've just spent hours reading almost all Q&A about Fast Review not working. Please, does anyone have any tips why Fast Review is not working? 


Big thanks.


Gérard Castonguay

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Hello Gérard,

We're sorry to hear you're having some trouble.

To rule it out, can you try turning Wi-Fi off and on again for both your computer and any affected devices and see if that works afterward.

In not at first, try forgetting/removing the network on both your computer and affected devices, resign in, and see if that helps as well.

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