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Updating and issue and user downloading

I have a question, If I update a live/published issue within our app which has had one articles amended. After uploading an updated MIB to the portal, does the end user have to download the whole issue again or is it only part updated?

I am concerned as our first issue is quite large (300mb) and don't want to annoy our readers with updating one large issue if we make small changes.



Paul Bembrick

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Hi Paul,

The way our system works, if you update a MIB, the user will have to redownload the entire issue in order to see the revised content as we do not support partial updating in that manner.

Please note that for iOS, users will get prompted that there is an update to an issue and they can choose whether to continue to read the current version or update to the newer one.

However, with Android, there is no automated update mechanism so users will have to delete the issue and redownload in order to get the updated content on their device.

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