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Push to Device working intermittently


I'm having a very frustrating time trying to review my work with the fast preview in Indesign CC 2017. Sometimes it works, and for a few glorious minutes I can fast review, and then suddenly, within the same time period, same project, it will suddenly not work and I get the "Push to Device failed. It's not my wifi, and the app is running on my ipad. I didn't edit or change any of the settings. I don't think it's my USB connection because I recently bought a new cord. Is it just the app? The only way I can get it to work again sometimes is to restart Indesign, which is a huge pain in the ass.

Marisa Rigby

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Hello Marisa,

What macOS version are you using and are you on the latest version of CC 2017?

Mike Rettew 0 votes
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