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No Scroll Bar for Additional Devices in Ver 6.8 - Ver 7.1


I'm using Macbook Air 11 inch for designing with Mag+.

Since Mag+ updated the plugins (ver 6.8), I can't find the scroll bar at Additional Devices feature. And it become worse in the newest version (7.1), because I tottaly can't see & use export to other device button.

Please see attached picture.

Is there anyone who has the same problem like me? And what is the solution for this problem?

Please Help! URGENT!

Thank You

:: Theo ::



Theo Hudayanto

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Hello Theo,

We're sorry to hear you're having trouble.

To rule it out, quit out of InDesign and then try updating both your versions of Adobe Air (from here: and Adobe Flash (from here: and let us know if that helps once relaunching InDesign and trying again afterward. 

If not at first, please redownload the tools again from our website (here: after logging in with your credentials) and see if that works as well.

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