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Amazon Dev account - paid vs not

Hi there,

We are setting up an amazon dev account for a menswear client.  The publications will be lookbooks for the upcoming seasons.  The clothes in the lookbooks won't be available for sale for another year.  We want to place links in the books to the brand's website - which happens to be their e-com site.  Just not sure if this link puts our app in the "in-app purchase" category.  We are not selling items from the books but the links would be to our store that sells current season's clothes.  Any thoughts?

Serra Semi

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Hello Serra,

Our apologies for the delay in response to this inquiry.

To clarify, are you asking about in-app purchases vs. purchases made from other links/sites within the app?

In addition, can you send us a screenshot of what Amazon says about what is needed/required for being in the 'in-app purchase' category?

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