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I was following the intro video, I clicked create project, and it says "Please select InDesign application to use" so then I clicked "browse" and it takes me to these folders but nothing shows in order for me to open anything. Also, mag+ is nowhere in my InDesign. Sorry, I'm new to this whole thing so I'm definitely going to need some step by step help. Thanks

Jacques Mores

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Hello Jacques,

This seems to be a permissions issue on your computer. To rule it out, first quit out of InDesign. Next, within your 'Applications' folder, navigate to the 'Adobe InDesign CC 2017' folder (or whichever InDesign version you're on), select it and hit 'command' + 'i' (Get Info).

If you take a look at the attached screenshot ('Permissions - InDesign CC Folder.jpg') below, you need to make sure that it's set to 'Read & Write' and also make sure to select 'Apply to enclosed items...' too, as this will also set everything within that folder as well.

Once that is done, re-run the installer ('.dmg') once more, finish the install of the tools, re-open InDesign and let us know if that fixes it for you afterward.

Hope this helps.

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