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Multi state objects problem


I have just come across a problem with multi stage objects. I am using them to display content after a period of time from being invisible to then fading in. These documents were working a couple of weeks ago. I now come to view them again from within Indesign on the iPad reviewer and they are not acting correctly. Some of them auto loop when the loop setting is not highlighted, some don't start to play when set to autoplay as a slideshow loop.

We are set to release our first app next week, I really need help with sorting this.



Paul Bembrick

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Hello Paul,

Thank you for the follow-up and letting us know that you were able to resolve the issue.

We will look into this problem and see about finding a better solution for a future release.

Mike Rettew
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Update, had to create these multi state objects again, to solve the problem. Not sure why they went corrupt. Noticed on the odd occasion slideshows created with multistage objects don'y always activate when viewing through the reviewer app on iPad from indesign directly. But closing that article down and reopening in reviewer app they kick in properly.

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