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After using PDF-Import, MIB files are TOO big to review. Reduced PDF size and .indd files remain large.

Hello! To streamline our issue creation process, my team decided to do a PDF-import option for our full print magazine. We've 92 .indd files at around 1.2-1.9 mb each. When creating MIBs for review, the iPad Retina version is over 3GB (!!) and the less-complex Android version is 1.5 gb. 

Because (we're assuming) the files are so big we can't open the MIBs on any of our review devices -- neither the Retina or Android versions.

The initial size of the PDF placed on each vertical was 16.5 mb (yes, we realize this is huge) so we optimized the PDFs and now the placed PDF within each vertical is only 520 kb. However, the full .indd file sizes remain at 1.2-1.9 mb. 

So... HOW can we get this even smaller to create MIBs similar to our normal file size of 115-415 mb?

Please help -- thank you! 


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This thread is closed as the matter is being handled in a private support ticket.

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