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6.6.3 Update not downloading correctly


I am working on indesign CC2017 on a mac (OS X 10.10.5) and keep getting pop-ups saying 

But when I go to select CC2017 and download the mac version it downloads 6.6.2, not 6.6.3?

Any help would be appreciated.

Regards Paul

Paul Bembrick

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I'm having this same issue on a MacOs Sierra 10.12.3 and the Adobe CC2017.

Also, I'm finding little bugs in this 6.6.2 version such as:

- There's no way to assign Control Images since the IDs and selected options don't get recorded. Any time I close the "Object" window and open it again, it's all lost.

- I found this same bug in some other windows, but I finally realized that clicking ENTER just after any change or moving to the next input area with TAB, makes the selections or inputs recorded. I was freaking out with the IDs since it took me ages to realize why they were getting lost once and again... But this rare trick didn't work with Control Images.

- If a do several Fast Reviews, i have to close down and reopen Indesign since there's a moment in which the plugin gets stuck in "exporting issue failed!" with no reason. 

ALL THESE didn't happen before, I must tell.

Please, help us, we need the new version to get rid of these bugs!

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