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Help MIB file what does it do?


I am a bit confused over what Help MIB files actually do. I realise that you need to create them for an IOS app. But what is their function. I am struggling to find a publication that shows any help tab in the navigation. Are they supposed to carry any information for viewing... if so what information do they carry?

Our publishing portal setup for our first app says both 'Upload iPhone and iPad help MIB' options are complete but we haven't uploaded anything. But if I click on the 'Upload iPad help MIB (or iPhone)' tab to get to the next screen, that screen screen says "Choose file - no file chosen' for all options. 

Also we just trying to create an iPad app first not one for iPhone. Do we need to still upload a help MIB file for iPhone if this is the case?

Any help would be great.

Regards, Paul

Paul Bembrick

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Hi Paul,

Help MIBs are embedded one-vertical MIBs (that you design) which shows the user how to use the app, take a look at the attached screenshot for reference of one example:

That said, Help MIBs are optional for both iOS and Android and do not have to be created (or uploaded) to Publish in order to generate builds.

Hope this helps, let us know if you have any questions afterward.


Griffin Plonchak 0 votes

Thanks Griffin for your reply, thats great, I wasn't sure if they were just explanatory pages or more technically involved than that.

One question, how would you access this help file within the app, does it get positioned within each issue or is it somewhere else in the navigation?

Thank you.

Paul Bembrick 0 votes

No problem, glad to help.

If you do upload Help MIBs into your build (for either iOS or Android), a 'Help' button will appear within the navigation options automatically.

Here's an example for iOS:

Hope this helps.

Griffin Plonchak 0 votes