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Screenshots with my issues

Hello Magplus,

Please see the screenshots below, two of the issues that I am having after the last update (same issues as other users). 

  1. The "Crop Portrait Orientation" option it's not working (see screenshot)
  2. Pages on landscape mode are not showing up; thumbnails are showing (see screenshot)
  3. White frames on pages
  4. Media popups are not working. I can't play any audio or video on the page. The hotspot is working but does not trigger the media popup.

I was able to do all of this a few days ago (before the update). I am about to publish my first magazine/app. I have a meeting on Thursday with one of you to activate my paid account. I am in the middle of the process of selling ads and I can't do that right now because of this. I am in a deadline. 

I am sure you guys are working with this issues but I can't see that no one is answering to other users. Can you guys please tell us what we can expect of all of this?

Best Regards,



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