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Uploaded file does not match MIB type error on Apple iPad Retina and more

Good day, 

We have several issues that sprung up since the new update (DesignReview 6.6.2) 

First problem: Since the update a few days ago, I began to get the following error when I try to upload MIB to the "Apple iPad Retina 2048x1536 MIB" category:

An error occurred. (MIB type in uploaded file does not match selected MIB type.)

Second problem: Also after the update, If you see the attached screenshot, there is now a large white blank space covering the texts. Additionally, the swiping feature within the article no longer works. These two problems apply to the iPhone and the iPad, it is fine on the android version.

Third problem: On the iPad, the popups are not showing up in the center. We have already checked the center/zoom options in the design.

However, when I attempt to zoom & center the iPad version on an android device, it works fine. 

We are attempting to check if the third problem persists on the PC version, but as you know we are unable to upload it.


Please assist us as soon as possible. Thank you very much. 



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This thread is closed as the matter was handled in a private support ticket.

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