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Designd Reviewer not displaying verticals properly

I just noticed a perculiar issue since lunch: Essentially, none of my interactivity displays as expected, if at all (and like it used to).I first noticed the problem about 2:30pm EST.

I see on the App Store that the Reviewer app shows being modified today (Tuesday, April 4, 2017). Could there be a bug of some sort preventing proper display of interactivity in verticals? The reason I ask is that even the Scrawl sample app  that is included has an issue on two iPads here: the cover seems to display off center. In other words, the right part of the cover is cropped off.

That being said, the same Scrawl cover displays properly on an iPad Pro that, for all I knew, had been dormant today; even though it shows the same Reviewer version (6.6.2) as the problem iPads (iPad 2 and iPan Mini). It appears all three iPads updated, but only the iPad Pro displays properly now.

Anyone else experiencing a similar issue with how interactivity (popups, slideshows, et cetera) are displaying (or not), especially today on iPads that worked previously (as late as yesterday or even this morning)?

Sandy Cruz

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This matter is being handled in a private support ticket.

Mike Rettew
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