Enabling RSS Feed For Your Apps

With the introduction of product version 8.1.x, RSS Feed has been introduced in mag+ apps. Using this feature, the app users will be able to access the URL content directly from their apps.

Before You Begin

Before enabling RSS Feed for your app, it is necessary to correctly set up RSS Feed URL data and type. For this you need to fulfill the following two points:

Data present in the Feed URL must be in XML format.

The XML format should be standard RSS Feed, comprising of all the basic tags.

For your reference, an example XML format is shown below:

Steps to enable RSS Feed for your app

1. In the mag+ publish portal, go to Apps > Live Settings.

2. Scroll down to RSS Feed. Here, enable RSS Feed for your app, enter RSS Feed URL, and click on Save.

Note: After entering the RSS feed URL, it is recommended to validate it before saving the settings. You can do this by clicking on “Test your feed URL” as shown in the screenshot below.

Upon clicking on Save, your app menu will show the option to access News Feed as shown below.

3. Locale Text can be set for RSS Feed title in the side menu in Phone and bottom Bar in iPad.

Final Outcome of the RSS Feeds looks like as follows:-


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