Google Analytics for Firebase

What is Google Analytics for Firebase?

Google Analytics for Firebase is a complete solution to track the user engagement and app usage. it mainly supports unlimited reporting and audience segmentation.

The Firebase SDK mainly logs the information about the Events and the User Properties.

  • Events mainly explain whatever happens in your app. it can be user actions, errors, or system events.
  • User Properties explain various attributes like geographic location or language preference which are defined to segment the user base.

A.     Steps to create a  Firebase project.

  1. Go to and login to your account.
  2. Click on Add Project.

3.    Fill all the required details and click on Create Project.

B. Steps to add Firebase to your Android/iOS app.

1.   After you have created a project, you’ll be taken to the project overview.

2.    Click on “Add Firebase to your iOS/Android app”.

3.    Fill all the required fields for Android/iOS app and click on Register app.

3.1 Fields to be filled for Android app

3.2 Fields to be filled for an iOS app

Note: For your Android app, the Android package name should be the same as that in the mag+ Publish portal.
Similarly, for your iOS app, the iOS bundle ID should be the same as that in the mag+ Publish portal.

4.    After registering your app:

4.1 Download .json file for your Android app.


4.2 Download .plist file for your iOS app.

C. Steps to set Notification and Analytics through Firebase

1. Login to your mag+ Publish portal account.

2. After login into your account:

2.1 For your Android app, Go to Apps>Android>Analytics Configuration.

2.2 For your iOS app, Go to Apps>iOS>Analytics Configuration.


3.  Select FireBase under Analytics type for your app and follow the steps given below.

3.1 For your Android app, upload the downloaded .json file

3.2 For your iOS app, upload the downloaded .plist file

4.  Click on Save to successfully set notification and Analytics through Firebase.


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