7.2.x Release Notes (05/31/2018)

This article covers release notes for the Mag+ Designd 7.2.x updates.  Released 05/31/2018

For a list of archived release notes, please see our Archived Release Notes section.

iOS Apps and Designd Reviewer App version 7.2.1

Features Added:

  • Localytics Latest SDK 5.1 updated: Special check has been implemented for Enabling Rich Push Notifications. We are supporting both Rich push and push notification under Localytics. 
  • Adcolony SDK 3.3 updated

UI Improvements:

  • Branding bar UI has been improved.
  • Single Issue app: Bottom bar space for iPad and Sidebar space from iPhone removed to get better utilization of screen estate.
  • iPhone Scrubber Slider working has been improved for all iPhone devices.

Bug Fixes:

  • Multiple bugs fixed to improve performance and stability

Android Apps and Designd Reviewer App version 7.2.1

Features Added:

  • Added inline videos in Pop Up with Modal feature
  • Enabled displaying of Pdf in Html Block through Url
  • Enabled displaying of Pdf in Live Window through Url

Bug Fixes:

  • The issue with Mail-to feature in Clickable Area block has been fixed
  • Single Issue App: Brief display of Library Page when the application is launched for the first time has been removed

Designd Plugin version 7.2

Features Added:

  • Print Import feature. Allow users to convert a Print document to a Mag+ Vertical.
  • Login data is now displayed in the About Box. User ID and User Level from Publish
  • Remove iPhone 4 support
  • Update Kindle Fire support
  • Added scripting support for Print Import
  • Added sample javascript snippets for Print Import

Designd Production Tool version 7.2

Features Added:

  • Remove iPhone 4 support
  • Update Kindle Fire support

Publish Portal

Features Added:

  • Support added for additional features of Localytics updated SDK  analytics provider supported by Mag+ Designd.
  • Enabled Rich Push Notification for Localytics.
  • Added a script to find active brands since last one year.
  • Remove mandatory validation on help MIB for iPhone 4 and gave a choice to the customers between iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. This is in tune with our dropping support of iPhone 4 from Plugin

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed crashes for Legacy iOS banner


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