6.3.x Release Notes (07/13/2016)

This article covers release notes for the mag+ 6.3.x updates.  Released 07/13/2016

iOS Apps and Designd Reviewer App version 6.3.3

Build 63D281 Changes:

  • Added support for '$slideshow-slide-' syntax for linking to slides in a slideshow with jump links
  • Added support for all customers to use Google Conversion Tracking SDK
  • Update AdMarvel to 3.5.0 from 3.4.0
  • Update Localytics to 4.0.0 from 3.8.0
  • iOS Simulator 6.3.2 Reviewer - https://magplus.box.com/v/iosreviewer632

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix for following a jump link in the Table of Contents hiding the toolbar and scrubber
  • Fix for iPad Pro specific MIBs
  • Fix for calculating safe zone for slideshows, helps preloading for next slide

Android Apps and Designd Reviewer App

No Changes, version remains 6.3.

Designd Plugin version 6.3.1


  • Added scripting support for Import DPS Overlay tool
  • Updated MagPlusMenu.jsx sample script with Import DPS Overlay example
  • Added support for iterating all the states of a multi state object. Imports any DPS Overlay items or buttons on those states and converts to Mag+ objects
  • Updated MagPlusMenu.jsx sample script with new New Mag+ Vertical example
  • Added numHorizontalPages and numVerticalPages to the New Mag+ Vertical scripting method.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug with master page items where importing a single orientation DPS document in landscape. Page items were displayed off the master page
  • Fixed javascript bug in the MagPlusMenu.jsx sample script for New Mag+ Vertical.

Designd Production Tool version 6.3.1


  • Applications now renders in the correct resolution for retina display on Mac computers

Bug Fixes:

  • Minor performance improvements
  • New verticals will now be created with no background color to match the default templates

Designd Publish Portal version 715


  • Help MIBs for Android will now accept all MIB device types
  • Added support for Google conversion tracking
  • Issues can now be removed from Categories

Web Export version 0.33.0

Web Export changes:

  • Panning blocks with mouse (if they have the appropriate flag set)
  • Multiple clicks on the same jumplink now move the scroll position both times
  • Jump links now take margins into account for endpoints
  • Block elements with both slideshow and popup child elements should now work


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