mag+ and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) Terminology Glossary

 mag+ TOOLS                                                                                       DPS TERMS

mag+ Tools/mag+ InDesign Plugin & mag+ Production Tool DPS Tools/DPS Desktop Tools
mag+ Reviewer App – The app used to preview your designs and interactivity on any mobile device or Mac OS desktop Adobe Content Viewer
mag+ Publish Portal – A web based portal where your APP shell is built and your ISSUES are distributed Digital Publish Suite Dashboard
mag+ Production Tool Folio Builder/Folio Producer Service
mag+ Settings/Vertical/Object/Popup Panels – Your plug-in panels Overlay Creator


 mag+ FILES & FORMATS                                                                   DPS TERMS 

MIB – Your issue. Compiled and generated in the production tool. Distributed via mag+ Publish. Folio 


 mag+ TEMPLATES                                                                              DPS TERMS 

Verticals – The .indd document where your design work begins. Can be found in the mag+ folder within your applications folder. Articles 
Orientation – Auto/Portrait/Landscape view Portrait/Landscape pages
Auto Layout  
Dual Layout – Separate Portrait/Landscape views Alternate Layout


 mag+ TEMPLATE LAYERS                                                                   DPS TERMS 

Media Area – Location of media assets when added via mag+ Object palette. Not a visible layer


Clickable Area – Location of triggers set by designer. Options are hyperlink, jump-link, popup or HTML window.

Device Bezel – An overlay in the InDesign template to show safe image areas in both orientations on the iPad  
Device Portrait/Landscape – An overlay mask of an iPad or other device.  
Popup Layers – A layer dedicated each of the three core layers listed below. Popup layers hold content to be viewed upon activation command established by designer. End-user taps icon and/or clickable area to engage popup content. Popup content can be stacked infinitely through the z-axis (front to back)  
A-Main Tower – A stack of “A” layer items, usually a column of text. Can disable in mag+ Vertical palette by checking “No A-Layer”. Can also disable with a double-tap on device OR permanently enable with the “Deactivate Double-Tap” box. Smooth Scrolling
B-Pinned Blocks – Objects on the “A” layer or “B – Slide - pinned blocks” layer that will move to a specified edge when the device is rotated.  
B-Main Content Slide – The name of a “B” layer image, which moves in screen-size chunks, as opposed to the free-scrolling “A” layer elements  


 mag+ PLUGIN                                                                                     DPS TERMS 

Issue/Export Folder – The folder accessed from both the plugin and Production Tool. XML and rich media assets are stored here via Export and bundled via Create MIB.


ID – A documents XML identifier. Established in mag+Vertical palette by designer. Recommended to use document name as ID.

Name – The vertical identifier found within the app scrubber above the thumbnail. Established by designer in mag+ vertical. Plain English and characters allowed.  
Background – The area behind the “B” layer. You can choose the color in the plugin; it will show when image contains transparency.  
Knockback – An added color at a specified opacity that appears above the “B” layer as the “A” layer is advanced. Note: The length of the “A” layer effects rate at which the opacity comes into view.  
OBJECT TYPE: Block – Any design element drawn or framed in an InDesign template. Overlays
OBJECT TYPE: HTML – Allows HTML and web elements to be incorporated into and alongside standard Block elements. Web Content
OBJECT TYPE: Hotspot – Automatically generated when ADD: LINK button is engaged in mag+ Object palette. Buttons/Hyperlinks
OBJECT TYPE: Slideshow – Automatically generated when a new state is created in Object States palette. Slideshow
HOTSPOT TYPE: Link – Basic hyperlink to in-app or external browser(s).  
HOTSPOT TYPE: Jump Link – Link to other Verticals or objects within full .MIB. Can also jump link to Places within APP.  
HOTSPOT TYPE: Media – Automatically generated when ADD: MOVIE/AUDIO is engaged by designer.  
HOTSPOT TYPE: Popup – Trigger by which Popups are activated. Syntax is popup://(Object ID of Popup Content).  
HOTSPOT TYPE: HTML Window – Trigger by which HTML or .PDF based content can be delivered via an in-app slider window.   
Pinning – The method of forcing items to the outermost edges of the display.  
Snapping – The process of forcing the “A” layer to appear at a given location. To snap an item on the “A” layer to the top edge of the vertical (not the display), set snap to “outer-top”.  
Zoom – Add pinch & zoom capability upwards of 400% to any object block.  
Pan – Add panning capability to any block where content exceeds frame size. Pan and Zoom
Add LINK/MOVIE/AUDIO – Add interactivity via hyperlinks, jump-links, popups, HTML, audio or video.  
Popups – Add popup functionality to any block(s) placed on one of three Popup Layers.  
Popup Groups - Allows clickable areas to define a succession of popups. Individual popup blocks will close when blocks of the same group are triggered. Defined by the designer in the mag+ Object palette.  Drawers
Slideshows – Can be built using Popup Groups or via InDesign’s Object states panel. Create a New State using multiple image-based pieces of content, then select Slideshow as the Object Type. Slideshow
Fast Review – The process of viewing files exported from mag+ plug-in or Production Tool to the iPad or iOS Simulator  
Export – To output all necessary files from InDesign using the mag+ plugin. This process creates a verticals folder with full resolution graphics inside the final Issue/Export folder.  


 mag+ PRODUCTION TOOL                                                                 DPS TERMS 

Issue/Export Folder – The folder accessed from both the plugin and Production Tool. XML and rich media assets are stored here via Export and bundled via Create MIB. Click ADD to import XML which has been exported from InDesign

 Folio Producer

Vertical(s) – A document created in InDesign containing a single or multiple “B” layer slides and an “A” layer containing images and/or text.

 Source Documents
BRAND/ISSUE ID – Naming conventions when combined form the .MIB filename or GUID.  
Review ALL/SELECTED – The process of viewing several or all files from the mag+ Production Tool to the iPad or iOS Simulator.  
CREATE MIB (.mib) – A packaged file containing a single or multiple verticals. Can be unpackaged by replacing the file extension with .zip and uncompressing the file.  .folio



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